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3:40 am on Thursday February 25, 2010

P&C: Reform prison system to take pressure off early release plans

Much like most every other state program in South Carolina, the Department of Corrections is ailing from a lack of funding and the Legislature is trying to figure out a fix. Talk of reducing costs by simply letting some folks out earlier has emerged...
2:00 pm on Monday November 2, 2009

Charleston inmate strolls his way to freedom

The Post and Courier reports thats the S.C. Department of Corrections is searching for inmate Vernon Edward Gardners. Gardners walked away from the minimum security Coastal Pre-Release Center in Charleston. Head to The Post and Courier for the story...
3:12 am on Wednesday September 17, 2008

Cards aim to turn convicts into tipsters

Inspired by the Most-wanted Iraqi playing cards and a program in Florida that has had success, the S.C. Department of Corrections is changing the cards they sell to prisoners from a standard pack to one that features pictures and information about...
8:02 am on Tuesday September 9, 2008

Suit says prison system's negligence lead to death

A lawsuit says James Belli Jr. would still be alive if not for the state's negligence in allowing a inmate-run extortion ring to exist, and its committal of a number of other mistakes. The Post and Courier discusses the situation: Belli was serving...
4:47 am on Friday August 1, 2008

'Shock' program aims to give young their lives back

Word is spreading that some of the teens that served as lookouts in the high-schooler holdup of a local Food Lion may be allowed to go through a boot-camp like 90-day program to reduce their 6-year sentences. Read more stories on this subject in...