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1:56 am on Thursday May 3, 2012

Folly Boat gets a fresh canvas

Image by FollyBoat.comAfter 13 years of paint-overs, the five-inch thick layers of paint and messages finally started crumbling off the Folly Boat — so the city stepped up and stripped off the excess paint to give the iconic boat a new canvass, and...
3:34 am on Thursday July 9, 2009

A photo journey through many of South Carolina's roadside treasures

Image by Paul Zoeller/Summerville Journal SceneImage by 20090709-ufo.jpg Jody Pendarvis's UFO Welcome Center is also his night-time residence.From the UFO Welcome Center to the African Village to an igloo-shaped liquor store South Carolina has many...
7:54 am on Monday December 1, 2008

Street vendor regulation turns into nightmarish headache

Image by Flickr user _e.tImage by 20081201-shrimp.jpg The Post and Courier on the recently passed law regulating roadside vendors: The vendors don't like having to pay $10 every day they set up. City business license staff can barely get other work...
7:26 pm on Monday October 6, 2008

Everyone loves to photograph the Folly Boat

Image by FollyBoat.comImage by 20081006follyboat.jpg If you've ever driven out to Folly Beach, you've likely noticed the Folly Boat -- a sad little white boat sitting off the right side of the road just on the edge of the marsh. Well, surprise,...
4:25 am on Thursday July 24, 2008

North Charleston gives the squeeze to roadside vendors

Image by flickr user JeffersonDavisImage by 2008024vendor.jpg Roadside vendors like this one in Greenville are nearly as traditional as the items they sell. Roadside vendors have historically not had much trouble in finding a spot to pull off the...