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3:05 am on Sunday March 28, 2010

Ranting about a local columnist, one virtual letter at a time

Image by Flickr user DjenanI'm not really a big fan of the opinion writers you'll find in Charleston, and that include theĀ Charleston City Paper's Will Moredock. But when one fires up the Wi-Fi, you're likely to find that your opinions on such...
4:06 am on Monday December 21, 2009

'You idiots can't do any better?' About the state legislature

Image by Flickr user cogdogblog I hear Rutherford's gotten each of his colleagues one for Christmas.StateĀ Rep. Todd Rutherford was none too happy about a panel's recent decision not pursue impeachment of Governor Mark Sanford. Read more stories on...
2:40 am on Friday September 11, 2009

A little rant about S.C.'s political blunders this week

Image by Flickr user Zach KleinImage by 20090911-frustrated.jpg A common reaction to South Carolina politics these days. The Post and Courier's Brian Hicks let his true feelings fly in a piece that takes all the necessary jabs at South Carolina's...
6:47 am on Tuesday March 10, 2009

CP writer shares the trauma of mysterious BBQ places

I'm not entirely sure what traumatized Charleston City Paper's David Lee Nelson, but it looks like something happened the last time he tried to (or did) go to a BBQ place. Read more stories on this subject in our BBQ topic page.It's, perhaps, best...