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10:34 pm on Monday May 6, 2013

Police respond to local hotel more than 50 times so far in 2013

"Myrtle Beach Police have responded to the Polynesian Beach and Golf Resort 59 times this year, and more than half of those calls were for crime-related incidences. Two years ago, the Polynesian was on the city's nuisance list due to police...
8:36 am on Tuesday April 2, 2013

Breaking Bad: Ocean Boulevard

"Two people were in Myrtle Beach police custody early Tuesday after officers discovered a methamphetamine lab along Ocean Boulevard, Capt. David Knipes said. Officers were told about a possible meth lab and at 2 a.m. Tuesday went to the Polynesian...
7:22 am on Saturday February 16, 2013

Two charged a second time in alleged meth making

A local pair has been charged after a meth lab was uncovered in a room at the Atlantic Inn on Boundary Street.  Melanie Ann Shepherd, 38, of Beaufort, and Christopher Lee Lyles, 37, of Lady's Island were previously arrested in connection with a meth...
5:53 am on Friday November 18, 2011

Man arrested in North Myrtle Beach for trying to "Break Bad" (Update: Clarifications)

AMC Update November 18, 2011: More details have emerged about this unusual incident. The man being charged is Robby Lynn Hawkins of Lake City, Tennessee. The female that was with him will not be charged or identitfied because she wasn't inside of...