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5:10 am on Thursday September 22, 2011

22 year-old Hurricane Hugo video reminds Myrtle Beach of destruction

Photo courtesy: David Crow Hurricane Hugo struck Myrtle Beach early on September 22nd in 1989 and left a indelible reminder that we are vulnerable to the whims of Mother Nature. The nostalgia runs thick on our "You know you're from Myrtle Beach if...
4:56 am on Monday September 21, 2009

ETV offers a great 27-minute retrospective on Hugo

Image by ETVImage by 20090921-hugo.jpg ETV has posted a video retrospective which is just what I had been hoping to see.  In part it's great because of its focus on South Carolina and how the effects ran all the way up through the state, it's also...
2:09 am on Monday September 21, 2009

Hurricane Hugo returns to Lowcountry 20 years later (updated)

Image by Still image by scmikeburtonNearly 20 years to the day, Hurricane Hugo is back felling trees and clogging communication lines. Well, it is if you consider all the newsprint and media space being dedicated to the 20 anniversary of the storm...
2:58 am on Monday September 14, 2009

East Cooper Community Outreach marking 20 years of service

Image by ECCOImage by 20090914-ecco.jpgForming in the aftermath of Hurricane Hugo, East Cooper Community Outreach is also marking its 20th year and aptly celebrating the occasion with a "Hurricane Party." The part should be great, but The Post and...
3:41 pm on Sunday August 30, 2009

20 years after Hugo, South Carolina has changed a lot

Image by Flickr user scmikeburton Image by 20090830-hugo.jpg McCellanville South Carolina after Hurricane Hugo struck.Personally I'm not a huge fan of the "OMG, Hurricane Hugo was X years ago" stories, but a series of articles by The State stuck me...