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3:39 am on Tuesday July 28, 2009

Group proposes low-income housing for seniors on Daniel Island, West Ashley

Image by Humanities FoundationImage by 20090728-daniel.jpg The existingDaniel Island site has 75 units.After a successful rollout of low-income housing for seniors on Daniel Island, the Humanities Foundation is looking to expand that site and build...
4:41 am on Saturday May 2, 2009

House of Hope comes together with much paint and cardboard

The House of Hope: made of cardboard, big, and covered with paint. It's quite eye catching. And its creators hope that those eyes will view the structure and have more concern for the homeless. The Post and Courier's Grace Beahm went down to the...
8:25 am on Friday May 1, 2009

House of Hope fundraiser and public art display

Image by 20090501-house.jpgCome to Marion Square on Friday, May 1st, for a free concert by Quentin Baxter and to watch an artist-built and decorated cardboard house come together. The cardboard shelter, called "The House of Hope," will be painted by...