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4:17 am on Wednesday April 20, 2011

Where to 'go' when exploring historic Charleston

Image by Flickr user Margot WolfsNature. It may call at any time, and finding a public restroom to take care of your biz isn't always the most simple of tasks. Luckily, we were sent a handy Google map of historic Charleston's illusive and sought...
6:25 am on Wednesday March 10, 2010

Google adds 'by bike' directions; Looks pretty good in Charleston

Image by Google MapsIt looks like Google has just flipped the switch on offering directions by bikeĀ on Google Maps. I did some quick mapping tests for Charleston and generally it does a pretty good job. The service prefers secondary roads where...
12:30 pm on Friday June 26, 2009 makes Craigslist apartment hunting fun

Image by 20090626-pads.jpg If you're already a fan of using Craigslist for apartment hunting, then you're going to love padmapper. is a free google map-based Craigslist apartment search for cities around the country. It solves the...