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5:06 am on Saturday April 11, 2015

Sheriff Al Cannon purged 2012 assault charge with 30 hours of trash pickup

The Guardian gets the scoop on Cannon's punishment after he struck a six-time punched, dog bitten, and handcuffed suspect from a 2012 car chase.
11:29 am on Wednesday March 20, 2013

Roommate assaulted, left bleeding after refusing to lend car

A 68-year-old man was assaulted by his Burton roommate and left bleeding after refusing to lend his car.
12:34 am on Friday February 22, 2013

Man sees Charleston break-in, assault on Skype call (Updated)

Image by Flickr user mofetos Update 3, February 22: The third suspect, Brandon Green, has been arrested in Columbia. Update 2, February 17: A second suspect, Ledarian Phillips, 20, has been arrested and a third suspect, Brandon Green of Summerville...
5:01 am on Wednesday February 13, 2013

Man sees Charleston break-in, assault on Skype call

One of three suspects have been arrested for a break-in and assault at a Sumter Street home, a crime that the victim's boyfriend saw the start of on a Sykpe video call.
5:07 am on Wednesday August 29, 2012

Charleston sheriff Al Cannon arrested, charged with assault and battery

Charleston County Sheriff J. Al Cannon Jr. Charleston County Sheriff Al Cannon was charged with assault and battery following an investigation by the State Law Enforcement Department over a January incident in which Cannon allegedly slapped a...
5:55 am on Wednesday May 30, 2012

A #MYR tragedy: When the Electric Slide goes wrong

Flickr User: enric archivell People take their dancing very seriously - especially the classics like the Electric Slide. Your mother may have met your father back in the 70's during a perfect Electric Slide. Pulling off such a feet is rare,...
11:01 am on Sunday April 29, 2012

After road rage incident, suspects strand car in ditch

Another bizarre crime story where on early Friday morning, Jamey Marshall Koon, 33, and Melanie Dawn Steen, 35, are accused in a road rage incident off I-26 in North Charleston involving assaulting a black family and attempting to ram that family's...
5:08 am on Monday March 12, 2012

Teenager stumbles upon bloodied woman on Summerville bike trail

19-year-old Shawn Lindsey walks back from church on Wednesday, March 7, and comes upon a woman lying in the ground with a bloodied face and is screaming "help me." She had been assaulted by her homeless boyfriend. 
1:20 pm on Saturday April 9, 2011

For $20: Men break in, force North Charleston woman at knifepoint

Image by Flickr user AMagill Police are looking for two men that are said to have pulled off a rather odd robbery — all for $20. The men are said to have, over a period of about 30 minutes, have rung a Coosaw Creek woman's doorbell multiple times...
1:00 pm on Monday April 4, 2011

Man attacks former boss with crowbar

Image by Flickr user Micah Taylor This isn't the exact weapon used by Fitzpatrick...but you get the idea.Police have arrested Michael P. Fitzpatrick, 60, for attacking his former employer with a crowbar at a North Charleston auto shop this morning....