Horry County Council Chairman Mark Lazarus talks to civic group during the summer about the county's adult business ordinance. Photo by Janet Blackmon Morgan / jblackmon@thesunnews.com

7 cited for Horry County adult business ordinance violations, one has switched to bikini dancers

Since Midinght on Wednesday, The Horry County Police have issued at least 7 citations to adult-themed businesses that were found to be in violation county’s newest adult business ordinance, according to Horry County police spokesman Lt. Robert Kegler.

At least on adult-themed businesse owner says that he complied with the new ordinances and  that he should have not been cited.

The ordinances, which took effect at midnight on Wednesday that are airmed to cleaning up adult-themed businesses and adult bookstores. All summer county officials have contended that adult-themed businesses are havens for illegal activity, such as drugs and prostitution.

A court done as been scheduled for the employees and/or owners of the following adult-themed businesses:  Teezers Gentleman’s Club, Secret’s Cabaret, Bottoms Up Gentleman’s Cub, Tiffany’s Cabaret, Fantails, The Bunny Ranch and The Gold Club. There is a A $500 fine is associated with the citations for those clubs that are found to be noncompliant, according to Kegler.

The new zoning ordinance restrict adult-themed businesses to one of three zoned areas in the county-highway commercial, limited industrial and heavy industrial. The ordinance also forces these businesses to be  at least 1,500 feet from residential properties, churches, daycares and the like, it is effectively making every adult business in the unincorporated  areas of Horry County to be in violation unless they decide to change their current ways.

A conduct ordinance, was also passed earlier this year and prevents  businesses from being open between the hours of midnight and 6 a.m, it also sets stricter rules for businesses that have viewing booths and  prevents nudity in gentleman’s clubs.  The ordinance says that semi-nudity is OK, but only if  if employees are six feet from patrons and on a stage that is at least 18 inches high.

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