Ranting about a local columnist, one virtual letter at a time

Image by Flickr user Djenan

I'm not really a big fan of the opinion writers you'll find in Charleston, and that include the Charleston City Paper's Will Moredock.

But when one fires up the Wi-Fi, you're likely to find that your opinions on such things are much milder than others.

On the wee hours of this morning the column writer posted a piece of "fan mail." It's got your usual "What the f*** kind of twisted ideological motivation would compell someone to think and then print such filth as you do" ... "will die of a massive coronary" ... and, of course, the classic: "Go to hell."

But the real kicker is the closer, which I'm so glad Moredock (and the letter writer) left in: "Sent from my iPhone."

You know you're pissed (or drunk) when you'll write a 250 word rant on the iPhone.*

At any rate, go check out the full craziness and see what it was in response to.

*Yes, I own an iPhone and my first name is Ken; but that is not my fan mail.

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