Though missing 'X-Men' film deal, Savannah still says film incentives served it, Georgia well

Image by Flickr user JPhilipson

Here's some film-incentive food for thought from down the road.

With the new X-Men: First Class hopping in theaters, the Savannah area is quite happy that the movie was filmed down the road on Jekyll Island (even if the closer Tybee Island lost out).

Officials say they see it as a sign that Georgia's tax credits for movie and TV production are doing quite well and that Georgia's overall approach is benefiting Savannah with direct revenue, even if the movies don't land directly on Savannah's doorstep. 

To get a rundown of what's happening, watch WSAV's video report here.

Now consider that South Carolina's film incentives are frequently questioned for being effective, and you could go really far-reaching and take it as some salt in the ongoing "does economic development make a difference" debate.

What do you think?