One suspect arrested in string of Charleston-area Chinese restaurant robberies

The accused Jabulani Namdi.

Being officially accused of a role in the April robbery of the China Chef restaurant on St. James Avenue in April 2010, Jabulani Namdi has been charged with armed robbery.

But for now police are keeping mum on if he ma have had a hand in the many, many more in the area. In all some 18 Chinese restaurants have been robbed in the Goose Creek, Summerville, and James Island areas.

Many reports abound on this, but NBC News 2 has by far the best of the moment; take a read here.

The kicker is the bit at the bottom about Namdi having filed a burglary report around the time of robbery stating that someone "stole from him a large amount of cash."

Update December 7: The Post and Courier has filled a report in the morning edition with a more well rounded look at the arrest story thus far; read it here.

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