Myrtle Beach, number one city for flirty and fifty, a dating website for singles over the age of 50 has conducted a survey that puts Myrtle Beach in the number one spot for the "Top 10 Flirtiest Cities of 50+ Singles."

The OurTime survey analyzed members flirtiness with other members and the city they may reside. Greenville, SC also made the list, coming in fifth. The survey also made note of the top ten least flirty cities for those over 50, with New York, NY taking the top spot. You can find the complete list of top ten lists, including most and least romantic cities here. 

The complete list of Top 10 Flirtiest Cities of 50+ Singles:

1.Myrtle Beach, SC
2.Cape Coral, FL
3.Amarillo, TX
4.Ocala, FL
5.Greenville, SC
6.Lincoln, NE
7.Scottsdale, AZ
8.Lubbock, TX
9.Des Moines, IA
10.Corpus Christi, TX


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