Welcome to the next version of Charleston's TheDigitel.com

We've made a concerted effort to clean things up, make it easier to access and discover new content, and increase your ability to govern your local news site.

The most obvious changes are those to the visual styling of the site, but we're much more excited about the mechanical changes we've made that allow for cross-user interaction and (moderated) citizen governance of the site.

We've also paved the way for future subtle-yet-key improvements to the site we'll be implementing over the coming days and weeks. -- And that doesn't even include the countless tweaks we'll be making in the next several hours.

While these changes go more than skin deep, at its heart the TheDigitel's mission remains unchanged: to connect Charleston to the best in local coverage be it from a blog or the major daily paper, and to do so while being a more transparent, open, and democratic system.

In keeping with that, as of today you no longer need wait on administrator approval to publish a story. Just write it, submit it, and the community will know what it is you have to share.

If you have praise or criticism, we'd love to hear it. Just drop us a note at redesign@thedigitel.com

Thanks for reading.
-Ken Hawkins
Senior Editor, TheDigitel.com
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