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Image by flickr user .schillImage by 20080711iphone.jpg Have you bought the new iPhone yet? It's been out for hours already!

Olive Three Sixty, a panoramic photography outfit here in town, was one of 25 companies chosen to have their work used in a new panoramic photo app for the iPhone, the newest version of which went on sale today (July 11).

The application is called PangeaVR, and it was created by Pangea Software out of Austin. While the company plans to add more photographers to its portfolio as the application grows, Olive Three Sixty will get some pretty exclusive exposure as part of the initial set.

From the Charleston Regional Business Journal:

Olive Three Sixty owner Joey Grob said he hacked the original iPhone the first week it was out to get panoramic images to display in high resolution. Though that effort violated Apple’s terms of service, it showed what the iPhone was capable of. Now users can get those high-quality images and keep their warranty intact, he said.

“We’re really excited about it as a distribution method,” Grob said. “If we shoot, let’s say for example, real estate, you as a realtor can provide anyone with an iPhone access to high-resolution imagery with your property immediately.”


“I’m more excited about the fact that 10 million people or half of 10 million people will come to appreciate this imagery as a whole,” Grob said. “You’ll be able to see my entire portfolio from anywhere in the world.”

About PangeaVR, from the Pangea Software Web site:

PangeaVR is a FREE iPhone application that you can download on the App Store for interactively viewing 360º VR panoramas. You use the touch interface on the iPhone to pan around the panorama, and to zoom in and out.

We maintain a list of public panorama "portfolios" that PangeaVR grabs every time you launch it. This allows you to view panoramas from many photographers' sites very easily. PangeaVR also allows you to enter the URL of your own portfolios or JPEG files, and you can store your own portfolios as bookmarks inside of PangeaVR.

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