Cream, sugar, and the scoop on new mobile Charleston vendor Roots Ice Cream

Image by Roots Ice Cream A sample spread of their flavors.

Given our taste for all food served from a mobile source, it's shocking that while we've noted them in passing a couple times, we've yet to do a full mention of Roots Ice Cream.

The tasty-trendy ice cream produced by duo Drew Harrison and Matt Frye riffs on the logic that locally-sourced bacon tastes better. Their thesis is that ice cream made of locally-sourced ingredients is far more tasty, too.

And with that in mind, they've been experimenting with the ingredients and finding them locally.

For flavors, expect items such as: Sweet Pea, Cucumber-Mint, Honeysuckle, and Beet, moving into a summer of Strawberries, Honeydew-Tarragon, Basil, and Carmelized Fig, along with some year-round staples like Sweet Tea, Benne Wafer, Coffee, and seasonal chocolate "Pluff Mudd" flavors.

And then there's the less-healthy sounding flavor of "Coffee and Cigarettes," but one we've heard is quite tasty.

And with that in mind, I'll patch you over to two solid write-ups that'll tell your taste buds more. They're just about on par, so pick your preferred local vendor: Charleston City Paper or Charlie Magazine.

Look for Roots Ice Cream around the Charleston area at events and farmers markets, but if you're jonesing, the Marion Square and Mount Pleasant markets are your best bet, or track their movements and flavors on Twitter @RootsIceCream.